On this page you can find links to some of my published poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir and news about my novel.

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Novel - Matia (UWAP, 2024)

My Greek-Australian multi-generational debut novel, Matia, is going to be published by UWA Publishing in October 2024.

UWA Publishing has acquired world rights to Emily Tsokos Purtill’s debut novel ‘MATIA.’
UWA Publishing has acquired world rights to Emily Tsokos Purtill’s MATIA.

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Short fiction - Amateur Mycology in Science Write Now, 2024

Science Write Now | Amateur Mycology
Science Write Now is a free online magazine dedicated to creative writing and art inspired by science. We believe in accessibility, connectivity, inspiration and collaboration across disciplines. We aim to: - help writers and scientists explore creative ways of communicating science - encourage writers from all backgrounds to incorporate science into their practice - facilitate sustainable, creative connections between scientists and writers.

Creative non-fiction/memoir - Reluctant Farewell to a Trusted Companion: Valediction for a Stroller in Griffith Review 84: Attachment Styles, 2024

Reluctant farewell to a trusted companion – Emily Tsokos Purtill
Living in New York, Emily Tsokos Purtill bought a double stroller for her two children. It became a ticket to friendship, a social life and a way of negotiating the city – until, back in Australia, it came time to give it away

Micro memoir - On The Other Side is Antarctica in Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs, 2024

Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs
The first micro memoir collection published in Australia, this eagerly anticipated anthology from Night Parrot Press is now available. Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs is a celebration of real life. One hundred authors give voice to the raw, chaotic and joyful spectrum of what it means to be

Short fiction - Lunch at the dream house in Griffith Review 78: A Matter of Taste, 2022

Lunch at the dream house – Emily Tsokos Purtill
Dinner with friends reveals a crack in the surface of things, in this pitch-perfect short story from Emily Tsokos Purtill

Poetry - BRCA (according to the Pythia) in Heroines Anthology (vol 4), Neo Perennial Press, 2022

Heroines Anthology Volume 4 — Heroines Festival & The Neo Perennial Press
Volume 4 includes new writing by Wes Lee, Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon, Verity Laughton, Brittany Riley, Sarah Temporal, Beth Spencer, Romy Tara Wenzel, Kathryn Reese, Paris Rosemont, Rachael Mead, Jan Napier, Alisha Brown, Jane Frank, Sara C. Motta, Emily Tsokos Purtill, Alicia Sometimes, Lin Blyth

Short fiction - Précis in Westerly, Volume 67.1, 2022

67.1 | Westerly Magazine
With writing, artwork and ideas from Kerry Greer, Aileen Walsh, Kimberly L. Becker, Philip Mead, Jackson, Daniel Ray, Rikki Santer, John Saul, Kristin Sanders, Peter D. Mathews, Pidj Flavell, Emily Tsokos Purtill, Josephine Wilson, Prema Arasu, Jarad Bruinstroop, Miso Bell, Gayelene Carbis, Nathan C…

Flash fiction - Rainbow poison in Three Can Keep A Secret, Night Parrot Press, 2022

Three Can Keep a Secret: Flash Fiction by Western Australian Writers
The eagerly awaited third anthology of flash and microfiction by Night Parrot Press! A captivating collection of flash fiction, Three Can Keep a Secret showcases work from eighty-one established and emerging Western Australian writers. One hundred stories simmer with shadows

Flash fiction - Kanazawa, Fairy Dust and The Search in Twice Not Shy, Night Parrot Press, 2021

Twice not shy: One hundred short short stories (paperback)–SOLD OUT!
Sixty writers present new flash and micro stories that reveal the extraordinary in everyday life. From suburbia to country Australia, international cities to zero-gravity space, the characters in these one hundred brief stories seek connection, finding unlikely companions among

Poetry - Mrs G in ACU Prize for Poetry chapbook, Generosity, ACU, 2020

ACU Prize for Poetry
Inspired by the Catholic Church’s long-standing tradition as a patron of the arts, the ACU Prize for Poetry has established itself as one of Australia’s most renowned poetry awards.

Creative non-fiction/memoir - The Perfect Mother in Letting Go: An Anthology of Attempts, Bacon Press, Washington DC, 2016

Letting Go: An Anthology of Attempts — Bacon Press Books
A fascinating collection of true stories told by 30 authors from eight countries. 

Short fiction - Tapestry in Hatched: Celebrating 20 Years of the Tim Winton Award for Young Writers, Fremantle Press, 2013

Hatched : celebrating 20 years of the Tim Winton Award for Young Writers - Catalogue | National Library of Australia